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The purpose of this site is two-fold.  First, it’s to promote Andalusian Tales, a series of historical novels – the first of which, Song of Toledo, is now available in paperback, on Kindle, and on Nook – that take place in early medieval Spain. This was a period when the interplay between Christianity, Judaism and Islam shaped the Iberian landscape.  The culture and politics of that era – at once rich, beautiful, and filled with frequent strife — bear more than a little resemblance to our own.

In addition to being a fiction writer, I am also a freelance writer and voice actor. For the last 25 years, I have developed my craft as a writer and editor for the nonfiction and professional markets, including researching, writing, and editing feature articles, blog posts, project reports, and magazine essays. I have also been responsible for developing and managing a range of marketing and other communications efforts, including conference daily newspapers, monthly newsletters, B2B web sites, social media strategies, and general media relations.

As a voice actor, my current clients include Wayside Publishing, for whom I am providing voice over services on a soon-to-be-released textbook, Scandite Muros. I am also producing an audiobook version of my novel, Song of Toledo.  In addition, I have worked with Albany, NY-based Voice Coaches to develop my range of skills and experience within the industry.  My commercial and narrative demos are available below:



Please contact me for more information: JeffreyRowe@comcast.net

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About me: I make my living as a freelance writer and voice actor.  After hours, however, I am writing a series of novels that take place in medieval Spain, a time when the culture, politics, and history of the Iberian peninsula were largely defined by the interplay between the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities.

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