Merit of the Call to Prayer (Adhān/Azān)

“Said the Prophet, on him be peace: ‘On the Day of Resurrection, three people will find themselves on a ridge of black musk. They will have no reckoning to fear, nor any cause for alarm while human accounts are being settled. First, a man who recites the Quran to please God, Great and Glorious is He, and who leads the Prayer to people’s satisfaction. Second, a man who gives the Call to Prayer in a Mosque, inviting people to God, Great and Glorious is He, for the sake of His good pleasure. Third, a man who has a hard time making a living in this world, yet is not distracted from the work of the Hereafter.’

“According to other Traditions, the Prophet, on him be peace, said: ‘All that hear the Muezzin’s cry, be they jinn, human or whatever, will testify for him on the Day of Resurrection.’ And: ‘The hand of the All-merciful is on the Muezzin’s head until he completes his Call to Prayer.’

“Commentators say that God, Great and Glorious is He, was referring to Muezzins when He revealed the Quranic Verse: ‘Who speaks better than one who calls to God and acts righteously?’ (Fussilat, 41:33)”

al-Ghazali, Inner Dimensions of Islamic Worship

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